Best Android Tablet Review, choosing a suitable tablet

With the ever increasing number of tablet models prevalent in the market, tablet computers have turned from a luxury to a common necessity. Yet considering the numerous types available in the market, there are several criteria to be considered before making a purchase.

Operating System

The tablet platform will have an important impact on the applications available. There are two major systems, the Android and the iOS platforms. The Android is an open source system developed by Google, and there are a lot of unofficial variations such as the cyanogenmod. The most recent version is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). The iOS is the platform developed by Apple computers. The iOS has been updated to version 5 (or even later). Another lesser popular system is the WebOS, which is mature and versatile despite slow development.

In terms of functionality, the iOS features a versatile selection of Apps. The average quality of the iOS applications is generally better than any other platforms. This is because the developers are required to pay hundreds of bucks before they can list their apps on the Apple Appstore. The appstore is closely monitored by Apple staff to make sure the apps are not pure junk.

While iOS has only one marketplace (i.e. the Apple store), the Android system has multiple marketplaces including the Android Market and Google Play. The number of apps exceeds 500k, but the quality is not guaranteed. Any developers can easily upload their own creations without spending a big sum of fees as in iOS. In contrast, WebOS has the smallest apps range, and many are not even compatible with newer OS version.

If you are looking for the best apps on tablets, iOS will be the way to go. You can consider iPad 3, iTouch or iPhone etc to take advantage of the iOS apps. However, you may want to jailbreak the device to gain higher degree of freedom. In such case, you have to pay attention to the iOS version. Not all iOS can support jailbreak, and Apple is keen on blocking potential loopholes for jailbreaks with updates.

In case of Android, rooting the device is generally easy. Nevertheless, the situation will vary from one tablet to another. You may want to do some research online if it is a concern.

Screen size

The screen size is another factor to determine the tablet you wish to have. The range is pretty wide in terms of the screen size. Bigger screen size will improve the experience in watching videos. However, it will also mean the device tends to be heavier. If you want to carry the tablet around, a smaller screen size such as 7 inch may be preferred. Many mobile tablets feature 7 inch touch screen including the nook tablet, kindle fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Google Nexus 7 is the latest and popular options among customers.

Storage space

Depending on your ultimate purpose, the memory size could be a big factor in deciding the suitable tablet. If you are keen on watching your video files, you may want to have a large amount of space. However, you won’t need that much space when reading documents is your major use.

Tablets usually come in 8GB or 16GB. Some will even offer microSD slot so that you can insert a 32GB card for bulk storage. In general, 8GB space will fill up fast when you install a lot of apps. In addition, the actual storage is much less than specified because the firmware will take up a portion of the available storage.

Hardware Facility

You may have specific needs in mind when buying a new tablet. Some will offer front/rear camera, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection or external memory slots. Be sure to check the specifications thoroughly before the purchase. No matter what types of functionality you look for, the device usability is still the top priority. This includes screen responsiveness and system mechanism. While you may not be able to physically check the device before purchase, you can always check out for online reviews of each tablet model. This will save you a lot of guesswork.


Peripheral items such as protective case and stand will add values and personalization to the tablet. Yet, not all tablets will have dedicated accessories available. This will usually depend on the popularity of the tablet itself. Naturally, iPad and iPhone have a very wide selection of dedicated accessories. If the options for accessories matter to you, you may need to do duly research before making a purchase

Warranty and support

Before you purchase, make sure to check if there is warranty available and the scope of coverage. Some tablets require extra charge for extended warranty. You may notice that some tablets are sold in refurbished condition. These types of tablets come with more limited warranty. Pay attention to the terms of coverage offered by the vendor. As a side note, hacking or rooting the system will void the warranty.

Where to buy tablets

Retail outlets are great places to buy electronics. You have the opportunity to physically check the device when buying. It also saves shipping cost. However, retail stores may not always have the tablet model you want, and it could be time consuming to visit the stores, particularly when they are far from residence. Buying online will be a more convenient option.

For online shopping, eBay is a popular online market to consider, but not all sellers have good reputation. You need to pay attention to the listing details, especially the item condition and warranty arrangement. The shipping cost should also be taken into account.

If you are looking for a legit source to buy tablets, Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces to choose a tablet. They offer a wide range of tablet varieties and there are usually special discounts. Amazon also has top notch delivery service, and you often receive the goods in a matter of few days within US. Warranty service is available too. Customers are very willing to share their feedback on their purchases. Their opinion is valuable for making the purchase decision. Be assured that Amazon has clear refund policy and you can return the item if there are defects. Free shipping is often available for local delivery.